Semplifix: water and energy saving system



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The patented SEMPLIFIX system, compatible with all plumbing for kitchen sinks, allows a tap to be fitted in only 5 minutes. And not only that: the vast range of taps in the ACQUA series by ARGO allows you to choose the model that best suits your taste and the style of your home. Ideal for any interior design solution, the SEMPLIFIX system allows easy maintenance and cleaning of the taps which no other system provides. Also change the style of your home in no time at all. For the professional plumber, speed and ease of installation are the most important things, therefore this is a solution which makes everyday work easier and allows you to satisfy all the requirements of your customers. The SEMPLIFIX system makes life easier for anyone who deals with maintenance of hotels or residences. No periodic maintenance problems and immediate replacement: a few seconds and a couple of turns of a screw.

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