Water / Energy saving system


Energy Saving System (A)

An important function allows not to waste warm water. Usually, for convenience or aesthetics, we open the mixer with the handle in central position. In this way every time we open the handle we draw also warm water even if it is not required, wasting gas or electricity. However with the SEMPLIFIX system, when we open the mixer with the handle in central position, we only obtain cold water; for mixed water we have to turn the handle to the left up to an intermediate stop that corresponds to an ideal and suggested temperature. This stop serves also as antiburn limit. For hotter water just forcethe lever over the stop further to the left. This function will secure you a lower consumption of energy.SEMplifix_grafWater saving system (A) This mechanism aims to avoid useless waste of water.The first stop gives us a flow rate of about 6 litres per minute, sufficient for common uses. Forcing the first stop we can have all the capacity of water of about 12 litres per minute, at an average pressure of 3 bar.

The combination of energy saving and water saving systems offers a tap of AA class

image-0Technology and saving: a perfect unity. The digital taps can give the most efficacy in energy and water saving. Pushing the central button you will have cold water with a flow rate of only 2 litres per minute. Also electronic systems give you the possibility to have a tap of AA class.SEMplifix_casaA helpful mechanism:the tank connection. A special attack allows the connection between these faucets and the tank and in case of need, opening the additional handle you can use the water in the tank. This innovating system could be very helpful for example in the periodes when the water is not dispensed.